A Z Homeopathy

A Z Homeopathy will empower you to live your life with awareness of your personality and homeopathic ways of navigating you inner healing powers in acute situations. You can also choose to pass coursework and receive IPHM certificate. This self-help course integrates practical homeopathy approach kinesiology and health psychology. You will learn how to intuitively and choose the remedies for acute and self-developmental situations. You will understand self-healing philosophy and receive tool kit for wellness maintenance.This course enable you to deepen and embody your knowledge about:

  • History and principles of homeopathy,
  • Concepts of Health and Disease in Naturopathy,

  • Law of Similars & Vital Force,

  • Taking Case & Prescribing,
  • Repertorising & Choice of Potency,

  • Constitutional Remedies,

  • Acute Children Remedies,

  • Male & Female Health,
  • Psychological Materia Medica:- Depression, anxiety, grief.

You will also have a bonus access to a Holistic Anatomy module, which explores in details naturopathic laws of heling, such as:

  • Emotional Stagnation on cellular levels,

  • Energetics of human anatomy,

  • Heritage of spiritual diseases,

  • DNA of Acute and Chronic conditions.

This Online Program is designed in a form of intensive and empirical learning modules , it is filled with power points, research articles, books, documentaries and motivational videos. From a day 1 this material will empower and motivate you to commit to long awaited life style changes. You will gain access to reading materials, documentaries and motivational videos and lifelong 24/7 access to Sunnah Wellness Healing Community on FB. You have flexibility of absorbing knowledge at your time and choice of graduation with IPHM certificate in International Practitioner of Holistic Medicine certificate in Introductory Homeopathy. Practical approach to prescribing and repertorisng will enable you to find your self at ease and confidence in using homeopathy for life. You will graduate through committing your self to assignments, life interaction as well as placement requirement.

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Course Benefits

Course curriculum

  • A message from your instructor
  • How to use this course
  • Before we begin…


  • The homeoapthc history, medicine and prinicples of curing
  • The constitutional remedies
  • E&A of Homeopathy
  • Mental health and homeopathy
  • Anxieties and Flower Remedies
  • Acute perscribing
  • Gut Health Remedies


  • Congrats! Here’s what’s next…
  • More resources for you
  • Before you go…
  • Naturopathic Law of Cures
  • Emotional Stagnation on cellular levels
  • Energetics of human anatomy
  • Heritage of spiritual diseases
  • DNA of Acute and Chronic conditions

Course Chapters

  • History and Principles of homeopathy
  • Concept of Health & Disease, Directions of Cure & Concept of Suppression
  • Law of Similars & Vital Force
  • Taking Case & Perscribing
  • Repertorising & Choice of Potency
  • Constitutional Remedies
  • Children , Male & Female Health
  • Psychological Materia Medica:- Depression, anxiety, grief


“I always wante to learn more about homeopathy, and how it could help me in self healing. I was able to understand methods of prescribing as well as complexity of choices available. The course made it so easy to understand psychology of personalities and it’s application even in the acute situations.”



“I had been using homeopathy during my sessions with AJ, and I notieced it had a profound impact on my health and life choices. I was able to learn now how’s and why’s of energo-magnetic healing. With the awareness and tools of homeopathy I am now supporting my children, grandchildren and of course my self!”



“I only started the course because I wanted to support my anxieties with more nature based medicine. I learnt a great deal of respect to homeopathy. I never knew it could be so complicated, but AJ made it fun-easy-approachable for me. I am confident in understanding blockages to my wellbeing and know how to read my symptoms now. ”