Anger is natural human reaction to situation which displeases us or might create fright. It appearance stands from the fright and fight reaction in our limbic brain structure, which is used as sympathetic survival mechanism.  Well channelled anger can help in protective attempts, maintenance of personal boundaries and general release of build-up energy. It triggers physiological reactions, such as heart beat , increases blood and hormonal levels.

Anger is recently linked with health declination, such as headaches, hypertension, insomnia, irritable bowel syndrome. It can also parade under different intensity of common emotions, such as depression, dislike, irritation, guilt, anxiety, loneliness.

We notice that our anger is out of control , when our actions become inappropriate, hurt our self and others, destroy things or causing physical hurt to others. Should our anger grew to disproportionate proportions to the incident that sparked it, then it is probably time to take a deeper look at ourselves and the costs we are paying with our behavioural choices.

The anger management counselling concentrate on: root causes, triggers, coping strategies, redirecting build up energy into prospectus and practical actions. Working on such issues involves increased self awareness and learning new techniques such as taking time out, self reflection, calming down, relaxation techniques, diversion methods, and delaying own responses.