Couple Counselling Package (6 sessions)

Couple Counselling package (6 sessions)


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The aim of counselling is to provide you, the client, with a confidential opportunity to explore personal and relational issues in safety. The role of counsellor is to help you through this process without judgement or telling you what to do.

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Counselling does not provide an advise but rather an opportunity for you to explore own sources of resilience, inner believe within own abilities and supports you in finding most comfortable solutions. Therapist may on occasions give information or offer suggestions based on psychological theories and clinical practice.

During counselling, you will set goals for work together and will be encouraged to re discover own patterns of behavior, cognitive habits, as well as your emotional and spiritual conceptualizing. During your self awareness journey you will explore your trigger points, adopt own coping mechanisms, and reach closures with the past experiences or unresolved emotional traumas.


First therapeutic appointment usually last around 1 hour where the contracting and assessment routine should determine future program of recovery. You will be invited for 50 minute long consecutive 6 secessions on weekly ( or fortnight) basis.

The duration of the therapeutic process will depend on the type of difficulty or problem the client is facing. Some people prefer to work with an open contract, whereas other people prefer to work with a fixed number of sessions followed by a review.

In all cases, every six sessions the counsellor and client will review the therapeutic process together. This helps to assess whether the client’s needs are being met and, this will also help (if required) to carry out the necessary adjustments and/or establish new goals for the process.

Your health concerns will be considered from the perspective of counselling modality of your own preference. You will have a choice of Person Centered, Cognitive-Behavioral, Systemic, Transpersonal (Spiritual), Psychodynamic and Psychoanalytic methods of working with me.

From clinical practice it is evident to me, that natural medicine supports mental health issues around trauma, insomnia, fatigue and any other somatic stressors – so you might expect a naturopathic suggestions , however you will not be obliged to implement those.

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