What is it?

Sometimes we need to go back to basics before we can start healing. If you are confused about detoxing, it is best to think of it as cleaning your house. The cleansing programme purifies the body so it can heal more easily and its based on naturopathic believe paradigm that body has inner healing properties. Underneath all layers of acute or chronic diseases, supressed emotions or past stressors and traumas your immunity is hiding your true potential of wellness. Once you de-clutter your organism from toxins only then you can enjoy the healing process.

How does it work?

Supreme cleanliness is the first step towards a healthy body, only then we are ready to fully benefit form herbs, diet, physical exercises and mental stability. Any toxins during the cleansing process will case to retard our progress towards recovery. You will be experiencing organ cleansing phenomena, as the natural eliminative channels are the lungs, the pores of the skin, the kidneys, and the bowels. When we perspire, our sweat glands throw off toxins which would be toxic to us if retained. The kidneys excrete the end products of food and body metabolism from the liver. The bowels eliminate not only the food waste but also matter known as body waste, in the form of used-up cells and tissues, the result of our physical and mental activities, which if retained can cause protein putrefaction, resulting in toxaemia or acidosis. Retaining such body waste is much more damaging to our health than is generally suspected, and when you begin to cleanse it, you will benefit from the natural perceptible progress.

Is it safe and evidence based?

The philosophy that I apply in my approach is that – in order to answer any health issues we should go back to the origin of the disease. According to many doctors, including leading health proffesional Dr Graham, Dr Clarks, Dr Morse, Dr Gerson ‘there is only one source of the ill – the toxaemia’. This stands for all the chemicals that we affect our physical bodies with: internally and externally on mental and spiritual level. Once those evaporate your system, you can not only enjoy your full potential but also expect the healing potentials of your body to take their turn. Only then the life style of exercise, good diet, additional supplements or ‘alternative’ therapies can fully enrich your well-being. The entire purpose of the programme is to eliminate mucous and parasites from the body, which will simplify healing. Cleaning of the mucous out of the body is important because it can easily become a source of polyps, tumours, and cysts. It is also the cause of allergies, disease and pain. The regeneration of your tissue cells through herbs and corrective acids is important for rejuvenation and stopping process of biological ageing. Detoxification process alternate emotional and spiritual healings, as it release static electricity from the body and eliminates frustrations, suppressions and confusions.

What can it treat?

​As an effect of your self care plan you will be observing cleansing from of many symptoms in your body and might even experience reversal of following:

  • Food & sugar cravings
  • Obesity and weight loss
  • Fungus and Candida
  • Flukes and parasites
  • Kidney and gall bladder stones
  • Digestion issues
  • Mental issues and traumas
  • Dream interpretations
  • Spiritual growth
  • Fasting techniques
  • Recovery from immune and chronic diseases
  • Oxygenation and relaxation exercises
  • Organic and natural creams, salts, teas and tinctures to benefit you immunity and general well-being.
  • Stress and anxieties
  • Bereavement and loss
  • Depression
  • Anger management
  • Sleep issues
  • Muscular and skeletal pains
  • Headaches
  • Allergies
  • Hair issues
  • Acne, eczema, psoriasis, fungus
  • Digestion issues (IBS, obesity, candida)
  • Hormonal issues(Thyroid, fertility, menstruation)

Are there any side effect?

If you are overweight, this programme will take you down to your normal weight; if you are underweight, it will bring you up to normal. The process of cleansing therefore can open a gate for healing crisis known also as detoxification effects such as hunger, tiredness, headaches, derma issues and altered metabolism. As your body begins to cleanse, you will probably experience periodic aches and pains in the areas where the cleaning action is most acute and the wastage is loading the elimination system; there are times when you will feel very, very rough! Rest assured and be comforted that the healing process is well underway, and the sooner such discomforts come the better, for this means that the toxins and poisons are being eliminated – and the faster the cleansing, the quicker the healing. You must understand that cleansing will not be instantaneous; do not expect the toxic accumulations of a lifetime to be miraculously flushed out of the tissues and organs in some colonic fashion. This will all take time, working with the body’s normal cyclic functions. You will have high days and low days, usually in cycles. These ‘cleansing sicknesses’ come in cycles of seven days, seven weeks, seven months, and seven years in most cases. As the toxic poisons break loose, and are dumped into the bloodstream so they can be eliminated, you will feel pretty rough; and quite frequently during a crisis, you may feel worse than you did before you ever started the programme.

What can I expect?

During the detox program you will be required to change your diet, slow down the daily habits, reflect and apply fasting with possible cupping (hijama), hydrotherapy, colon therapy, steam-room and sauna treatments, dry brushing, deep breathing and light exercises, herbal and liquid supplements of nutrition. All instructions are provided in AJS Therapy Online Course Sunnah Wellness and come with communal experience of FB group: Sunnah Wellness & Healing Community. Shutting down your system from overburdening need to digest is essential for human and animal race as we were created to thrive during fests but also survive during famine. The problem is we go through life with feasting attitude and rarely considering introduction of alive, nutritious and healthful, foods which can rebuild your body. The process of detoxification can take anything from 9 days, 2 weeks up to 14 weeks. It is up to individual commitment level, how deeply each of the participant of the program is prepared to apply him/her self. It is always a good practice to return to detox on regular basis, i.e. every seasonal change or during White Days of Moon Calendar