At AJS Therapy you give your self a chance for conscious and
organic approach to health.

PCOS client’s testimony: ‘ Aiyshah honestly you have done such an amazing job with everything like I am able to be myself, my health is looking good and I’m starting to embrace all my medical conditions, embrace my skin and mentally I’m in a better place.Honestly thank you for everything! Alhamdullilah thank you every so much for all your treatments and support Alhamdullilah for an amazing woman just like you 🙂 xxx’

Chronic Fatigue client’s testimony:

I know it’s the beginnings
The beginning of the end Inshaa Allah 😊
For so many years I’ve been on this road slowly climbing upwards and then you came along and took my hand and told me to to take a right turn , I spent a few weeks on that road and then suddenly the road divided into so many branches
Now I’m discovering every branch
Going deeper into ways no one has covered
I’m slowly finding answers to all my questions through personal experience mistakes and search
Alhamdullillah I feel now the road will never end
I’m loving the journey 🥰
And Allah is opening new doors every day …..and some doors have never been opened 😉

Depression and anxiety client’s testimony:

I would definitely recommend Ayyash’s counselling therapy. I’ve only had 6 sessions but they’ve already started to transform my life. Ayishah truly cares about the individual and her passion shines through. Extremely easy to talk to, I thoroughly enjoy my sessions.
Skin dermatitis and IBS client’s testimony:
I would defiantly recommend Ayishashomeopathic treatment, she is professional and a great listener. I found her great inspiration and knowledge in how to use theories in practical life.My son had suffered with dermatitis for years, and I did not wanted to keep him reliant on steroids. It took us 3 months to clear his skin and body on homeopathic and detoxifying treatment with Ayishah.

Trauma, IBS and menstrual issues client’s testimony:

I can not recommend AJS enough. Help both for pains in body and soul. Thank.you. I know Ayishah for years now, and absolutely love what she does and how she puts everything in anpsychological, spiritual and health context. I had grown so much in the past few years of regular psychotherapy, homeopathy and detox treatments with Ayishah. I can not even remember what ailments I had as my immune system is stronger now, and if I fall behind I know ways to build my self up again now.

Constipation and bereavement.

I had come for only for two homeopathic consultations with Ayisha for my IBS issues. With simple diet alternations and natural medicine remedies I was able to revert 12 years symptoms of constipation within just few week. I would definitely recommend Ayish’s homeopathy treatment to any one. I also dealt with long suppressed emotions, and was able to let go on childhood trauma.

Panic attacks and anxieties client’s testimonial.

Thank you Ayishah for our counselling sessions. I never really understood with talking therapy can offer to a person, until I reached out for help my self. I think you are very good in what youare doing and I see you as true professional. I know now who I am and what I want from life. My work attitude had changed now and I no longer need to overlook my shoulders in fear. Would recement the service to anyone.

Couple counselling :

It took us only 3 sessions with Ayishsh to understand weak points in our relationships. We did applied to the home work exercises, only to see our communication style improving and intimacy to increase. Thanks to Aisha we know now what changes need to happen in our life in order to make our relationship successful. Thank you for your non judgmental attitude and understanding of our culture, that made a massive difference.

Diabetes, IBS and stress cleint’stestitmonial.

I had been recognised with diabetes type 1 and took medications with hesitations for a year. I had noticed how my mood was changing, skin deteriorating and started loos g my hair! I decided to take an alternative route. Thanks to life style changes and Ayishah’s detox and homeopathic remedies I am medicine free now and enjoy my new diet and it’s effect on my immunity. It’s such a great feeling to be your self again.

Ayishah truly cares about the individual and her passion shines through. Extremely easy to talk to, I thoroughly enjoy my sessions and would encourage anyone to go and see her!
Moona, Counselling client
I absolutely loved and appreciated the detox and all of sister Ayishah’s advice. Very relaxed, comfortable environment. Easy to talk to as non judgmental. I would recommend AJS Therapy services for anyone who would like to be seen and listened in professional manner.
Naeema, Detox and Homeopathy client
The learning goals I set for myself at the beginning of the course ware fully met alhamdullilah. It was a proper eye opener and put ’things’ in the perspective for me. It handed me the tools I needed to work on self improvement. With all this inshallah I will be able to help others.
PatryciaVerker, Workshop student
I know sister Ayishah for some time now and love what she does and how she puts everything in an Islamic context. I would recommend services for a great inspiration and knowledge to use practically in daily life. Soul satisfaction!
Asmaat, Counselling and Workshops client
I would definitely recommend the AJS Therapy services. Within only 3 sessions I’ve already started to transform my life. Ayishah truly cares about the individual and her passion shines through. Extremely easy to talk to, I thoroughly enjoy my sessions.
Nur, Counselling client
Thank you for presenting this subject in such a thoughtful and thorough way. It made it very clear to me that faith is vital to an effective counselling. A very interesting presentation.
David Ball, Workshop student
I had learnt the main difference in marring the study of mind and the spirit. I had discover many things about myself , such as part of the self, the importance of the mind and spirit. I know now how to evaluate your own progress and your goal.
Khadija, Workshop student
The workshop was an eye opener. I have studied counselling previously but to learn Islamic perspective on counselling is very interesting and uplifting. The importance of the heart to our self was interesting to explore. I look forward to learning more.
Asama S, Workshop student